Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Run 'Round Hamster Wheel Fixture

This 2nd fixture I had the most creative license with. The student provided this very basic mockup as a guide.

I decided to go all out with it and make the hamster wheel actually rotate and use gears to move the hamster whirly-jig. Here is the assembly page from my drawing package:

This fixture was made by our vendor in China. They can make anything work. I had it pretty much figured out, but they tweaked it enough to finish my unfinished thoughts.

During the shipment from China the Japan tsunami happened and our shipment got stuck there for a bit. I know, the least of everyone's concerns. But it did make it to us the day before it needed to ship to Vegas. I drew the graphics and had decals made and modified the the fixture in a few places. And here is the end result:

You can see all the build process photos here. Tomorrow I will show the last fixture I worked on.

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