Monday, March 21, 2011

The Hermes Fixture

Last week was a busy week for me at work, and probably the most fun I have every year at work. Every year my company puts on a student design contest. This year the students were to design a pet store retail fixture. We got about 200 entries from around the world and picked the top 12 to actually make prototypes of. I was in charge of designing 3 of them.

This first one is the winner of the competition. The student designed a fixture to display Hermes Saddles, which are multi-thousand dollar horse saddles from Paris. I took the student's concept and made a full drawing package to have a local artist, Kyle Minor, build.

The student's rendering:

The assembly page from my drawing package:

Here are some build progress photos. The wood is 100+ year old redwood from a Novato ranch, the i-beam is from an early 1900's pier in San Francisco, and the saddle is a shoddily made and cheap seat from India... because, well, Hermes saddles are really expensive.

And the end result:

You can see all of the build photos here. Stay tuned for 2 more fixtures and pics from the photoshoot.

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