Monday, March 7, 2011

Cruise Night? More like Booze Night

Friday was the first Oakland Cruise Night of the year. It was also the first cruise night I went without Lori, which was a bummer. As usual I enjoyed myself and enjoyed chattin' it up with friends and other new folks. I met Dick Gambino for the first time, which was cool. But most of all I just like my Desoto getting some fresh air and hanging with my friends. I upgraded my raccoon tail to a fox tail, and hopefully I'll soon get that wolf whistle I've been trying to get for over 2 years at a good price. Seriously, I had no idea vintage wolf whistle resulted in such bidding wars. I stopped trying to get a Bates seat for my Triumph because of the insane bidding wars that take place. Now wolf whistles? Stop buying our shit, Japan! Sorry for the tangent.

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lucas said...

booze cruise indeed. mission accomplished. good times.

thanks for inviting me.