Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bolt "Laser Cat" Fixture

This last student fixture concept is a display for already existing line of laser pointer toys for pets by a company called Bolt. The idea is this is a pedestal where the toys can shine on the top surface and show off the random light action of the toy. Here's the student concept:

And the front page from my drawing package:

I had our vendor in China make the top section in fiberglass and paint it while I made the graphics/decals. Here are some build process photos:

When we received the fixture it was damaged in transit. It has a huge tear and dent in one side. Plus, to be honest, the quality of the finish looked like the cellulite on Kim Kardashian's ass. So we had an autobody shop fix it for us. He had that surface smooth and shiny. Here's the photoshoot image:

You can see all photos here.

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