Monday, March 7, 2011

How I almost got gutted like a fish

I went to the piers in San Francisco this morning with one of the hispanic warehouse workers to pick up a fixture an artist made us for a show. On the way out said warehouse worker saw some other Spanish workers hauling fish. He communicated with them in their shared language and ran inside to get some cheap fish.

I sat in the truck twiddling my thumbs and looking around, and decided to take some pictures. Coworker came out. I was trying to take a picture of the fish business door; I thought it was interesting. Just as I snapped the picture one of the workers came out ruining my shot. Damn. I then heard him yell some words at the other laborers, I definitely heard "puto". He came to the window of the truck, me thinking he was talking to my coworker, and they exchange a few words. I didn't make out any of it. After a bit, we left.

On the way out warehouse worker tells me that as soon as I took the picture the guy screamed at his buddies, "Hey this asshole just took a picture of me!" and called them over. He goes on to tell me that he calmed them down, telling them I was a designer taking pictures of architecture and was not the INS.

They all had many large knives on them.

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