Thursday, September 16, 2010

Twas The Night Before Moving

I wrote this listening to this song. If you want to enhance your experience, play this while reading. Thanks to DJ Scott.

Twas The Night Before Moving

Twas the night before moving
And all through the house
Luka and Sheena were playing
And the cats laid about

Tim Gunn on Project Runway
Filled the tv screen
While we ate Chipotle
Mine without beans

When all of a sudden
Our realtor Liz gave a ring
"You guys are golden!"
"Meet me tomorrow first thing!"

We jumped off the couch
In PJ's and socks
"Holy Shit!" we exclaimed
"This fuckin' rocks!"

From work I borrowed
The giant-ass Dodge Sprinter
And boogied back home
To try and fill her

We filled boxes and boxes
Of ridiculous shit
And useless things
"Hey I may need it!"

She filled 99 trash bags
Of things she would use
32 more for her jackets
And 7 more for her shoes

Then came the big toys
The motorcycles and tools
"Don't tip the gas cans!"
Was one of my rules

We piled up that Sprinter
Like packing a pipe
Exhausted and beat up
And smelling quite ripe

We headed for Oakland
Off and away
To get to our new home
Across the Bay

Right in the driveway
Liz handed over the keys
"Hope you guys aren't worn out!"
"No sweat, was a breeze"

Running on fumes
We emptied that van
It was soon over
Because we had a plan

Surrounded by boxes
We passed out on the couch
Old pizza on the counter
Both of us in a slouch

We actually pulled it off,
No hickups, no flats,
Our first night in our new house,
"Oh shit we forgot the cats!"