Friday, September 10, 2010

The San Bruno Fire

At 6:10 PM last night I was waiting by the Bay Hill Shopping Center in San Bruno (by the Youtube building). I was waiting to pick Lori up from her shuttle. As I sat in the car, I heard a giant wooshing sound, like a jet breaking the sound barrier right over my head. I was confused, I thought it was low flying jet or and explosion. I was looking around for the source through the trees, and saw one guy staring west. So I looked west and saw a plume of smoke rising. I thought it was coming from the shopping center by Molly Stones grocery store. I txted Lori thinking Molly Stones just exploded. Right after that her bus came and I picked her up. Everyone was watching the smoke. It definitely was just behind the shopping center.

As we drove home we could see a giant fire ball. Dozens of fire trucks and ambulances were flying by. As we got closer to home and higher up we could see the fire ball. It was MASSIVE. Everyone was out of their house watching. I ran to the back of our house to watch from our back yard. At first everyone was thinking a plane crashed. Eyewitnesses said they saw a plane. But the fireball was not changing location or intensity, I knew there had to be a fuel source.

It looks like PG&E had a massive pipeline explode somehow. At least 53 homes destroyed, 120 damaged, at least 3 people dead, 20 more injured. That's just as of now as daylight comes and people can start to see the damage. I believe a lot more people were killed than reported last night.

Lori and I were glued to the tv last night. We couldn't believe how horrible it was. We are so thankful we are ok and our pets are ok. We hope the families involved are going to pull though this. The amount of community support is amazing. People driving in with supplies, donating blood. Right in our backyard.

I was approximately a mile and a half from the explosion when I was waiting for Lori.


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Singing Sparrow said...

Well fanned in HP and bookmarked here in my old computer.
You appear much too young to love the music you so generously offer along with your thoughts and words and photos.
Thanks for this.