Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Supa Commuta

T-Minus 6 days until I start commuting from Oakland. There is no BART stop in Burlingame, so my only real option is to motorcycle commute again, rain or shine or wind or hell flames. When we lived in the Fruitvale area of Oakland a few years ago, I got a 2008 KLR650 and commuted across the San Mateo bridge. I loved that KLR, even with all its faults like excessive oil burning and plastics. It was nice to just have a reliable motorcycle to get me to work. But I'll never buy new again. Especially since I have a tendency to ride off cliffs. I have 2 project bikes and my poor XS650 is in serious need of a top end job, so I'm in the market for another KLR, this time, I'm looking from 2004-2007 and under $3000. I'd love to put that $3000 to something like finishing my projects, but this is a transportation necessity. I learned from my mistakes of commuting last time, so I'll need some decent rain gear and hard luggage cases. And you don't know how nice riding a motorcycle in the cold can be until you get some heated grips.

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lucas said...

i'll keep an eye out. i'd also suggest a zuk sv650. that was my bridge c'muter. and i loafed it alot. still miss it. although it may not be the best cliff jumper.

also, i'm back in town ready to lend a hand. and i guess its time to have a doggy mixer.