Wednesday, September 15, 2010

John Hancock in waiting

Lots of things going on today.

I have a Heartwalk 5K at lunchtime with some work people. I was hoping I'd run it but I haven't really reconditioned myself for it. I just started running again yesterday and as usual my stamina is way down and I have to get my knees, ankles, and feet back into pavement pounding condition. So I'll probably walk-run it.

Also, if everyone gets their act together, today is the day Lori and I should be signing paperwork on our house in Alameda. We NEED to sign paperwork today so we can get the keys on Friday and can use the weekend to clean out the new house. Otherwise we have to wait til Monday and clean it out during the weeknights... after work... in the dark.

Finally, I think I'm going to go with Factory Metalwork's hardtail. It's cheaper than the David Bird and definitely not as common. But more importantly I can get it in a 2" stretch, 2" drop. Or actually anything I want. David Birds only can do a 1" drop if it's a 2" stretch. So maybe after all the move is done, that will be the first thing I get for the Triumph.


lucas said...

is the "unit" hardtail gonna work on yer bike? if so thats a pretty good setup for $200. david bird's are sweet too tho. choices choices.

Troop said...

The unit frames from the Triumph factory have essentially the same setup/dimensions as the duplex pre-unit swingarm frames. Shouldn't be an issue, though I haven't exactly done it myself yet.

Vorhese said...

What he said