Saturday, September 25, 2010


It's over! We're moved in, unpacking, and just tying up a few loose ends. That's another post. What I can't believe is what a raging dumbass I am. Friday I drove to work in the Desoto. I came home and pulled up by the sidewalk at home and heard a loud "sscccrrrrraaaaape" as my dump tube hit the sidewalk. After the scrape and a loud "FUCK!" from me, the sound of a snapped exhaust manifold filled the air. Fucking shit, 2 days before I need to drive it to Oakland. Thank Jebus I have a spare manifold. But thank Jebus X 10 I have a gold membership at AAA and can tow it to Oakland for free. These dump tubes have been nothing but problems since I had them installed. Looks like I'll be swapping the manifold out next weekend, hopefully in time for the last Oakland Cruise Night. And hopefully without snapping any manifold studs. Sheep balls on a stick.

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