Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Update

So Lori and I are shivering under 3 blankets on the couch. California warm? Hah! It is so goddarned cold in South City, and on Memorial Day weekend. This is the weekend we should be barbequing and relaxing in the sun. Not here. We drove to Redwood City below the fog line and enjoyed some sun yesterday with the dogs. But it sure was depressing coming back.

I had big plans this weekend. Do some more welding, clean cars, and just enjoy being outside. No luck. When it's 40 and windy I just don't feel like going outside. And I had to give my buddy Ted back his Mig welder today. So now my Triumph project is really going to come to a screeching halt. I need to get my own welder and torch set up. And a house that can run a welder for more than 6 seconds before blowing a fuse.

Todaywe braved the city and found my wedding suit at Macey's. I look pretty good, I must say. I clean up well. Running has definitely helped me out. And speaking of running Lori and I did our first 5 mile run today. We're working up to 6 miles and over for our July 6 mile run in Santa Cruz.

Other than that, back to relaxing and cooking a beer butt chicken.

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