Monday, May 18, 2009

Juliet, down

My boss let me borrow his 1970 Triumph bobber Juliet. Everything was fine this morning. I pulled off the freeway. As soon as I crossed the intersection the back wheel locked up and I just spun on the left foot peg down the street doing a couple circles.

What happened was the rear fender's front bracket bolt worked it's way loose and the whole fender rotated forward under the tire and I just skiied down the street.

fender strut
brake light wiring broke
brake light switch broke
left footpeg bent
left foot rubber ground down a little

All in all I got off really really easy. The footpeg and my hip took jthe brunt of the impact. I can't imagine how bad I would have wrecked on the freeway. And this is a warning to anyone fabbing a fender: make a fail-safe bracket so the fender can't rotate forward. And loctite is your friend.

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Neil said...

scary stuff glad you're ok