Sunday, May 31, 2009

Drag Me To Hell

The main theme of this review is to say Sam Raimi is back!

After weeks of saying we were going to go see the new Star Trek, and when it finally came down to it, Drag Me To Hell had just opened. I'm a fan of horror movies. Lori is a fan of horror movies. I'm a fan of old Sam Raimi and Evil Dead movies. So these previews really perked my interest. After seeing all the highly positive reviews, I figured maybe we should just switch our idea and just go see Drag Me To Hell instead. I thought we had lost Sam Raimi to the mainstream with Spider-Man!. Guess he's come home!

Slight slap-sticky horror, Raimi's trademark is prolific in this movie. One gross-out after freak-out after another. Many "OH SHIT!" moments. The ending was a little predictable, but otherwise a freakin' great horror movie.

Unfortunately, I think we've had enough of going to see movies at a theater. The incessant talking, cell phones, and annoying teenagers really make me want to kill. Don't bring your crying baby to the movies please.

Go see it. Or, be mysanthropic and wait for dvd.

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