Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flat Footed Fanatic

No amazing travels. No interesting motorcycle or car updates. In fact not much of anything. But what I do have is my running. I remember in December when Lori told me I was going to start running, I didn't realize I'd be so hooked. I was a pole vaulter in junior high, a bad one. I toyed with cross-country for 2 seconds. It took over 15 years to suddenly realize how much I missed out. At first it was for weight loss; I was a chubby 205 pale pounds at the beginning of this year. I started running, slowly building up my stamina. I couldn't even do 2 minutes in the beginning. There was milestone after milestone: 5 minutes, 8, 10, 20, 30, one hour!

I now weigh 183 lbs. And still have some room to go. I feel great. I'm thin and lanky again. I haven't weighed this little since my bmx days in Austin in early 2000's. Now I'm running 4 times a week, almost 20 miles a week. Tomorrow we're going to run 6 miles in the city. And it's fun! Lori has created a monster. I may not be fast, but I've realized I'm doing it for me. I'm digging out old pants that I can now fit into. People that haven't seen me in a while take a double-look and tell me that I look great. That feels great.

I've progressed from treadmill running to running on the streets, exploring the neighborhoods. I run in heat, cold, wind, rain, darkness, early mornings. I'm planning on running home from work on Fridays soon... 8 miles. Lori and I are already discussing having Sunday runs TO San Francisco for lunch... 10 miles. Races are incredibly fun. And I'm becoming more and more interested in trail running. My new obsession? I hope so. For life.

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