Sunday, March 29, 2009

C25K Week 7 Summary

Today Lori and I had our long run. I was hoping to do 4 miles, but this was one of my worst runs. At about 2 miles I just couldn't get in enough oxygen. My nose was so congested I couldn't really breathe in corrcetly. This pretty much killed my run and forced me to walk 3 times from exhaustion and a side stitch. I'm going to have to start wearing those nose strips to open up my nose more. When I breathe in my nostrils just pinched together. Anyway we ended up doing 3 miles, which I'd be happy with if I didn't have to walk.

W7D1: 2.25 miles on treadmill, 1.5 degree incline, in 27 minutes, at 5.0 mph.
W7D2: 2.50 miles on treadmill, 1.5 degree incline, in 33 minutes, avg. 4.5 mph.
W7D3: 3.00 miles on track in 37 minutes, avg. 4.9 mph.

But I did just weigh myself, 186 lbs. That means I've lost 19 pounds in about 3 months.


Rob Timko said...

Don't use your nose to breath if you cant get enough air, you can't possibly get enough oxygen that way unless you are long distance running, and your pace/HR is low. At least, that's what the interwebs say.

Vorhese said...

Wrong information once again. I swear there are two camps in running, one that does things one way, and one another. Now I'm reading I should be breathing through my mouth. I wonder how much endurance I've lost because of my breathing.

kel and kev said...

yes, you should be inhaling through mouth and exhaling through nose. though i have always had the same problem you have with the runny/stuffed up nose when i start running and i really contributes to my inability to run long distances (more than five miles). i've got vasomotor rhinitis. doc says it wont go away without the use nasal steriod spray, but those are pretty gross. another thing you can try is to chew gum. it really helps.