Friday, March 6, 2009


From Bartcop

Somebody is handing these things out to waitresses in Arizona instead of tips.

What kind of evil prick does a person have to be to give this to somebody working for less than minimum wage,
maybe trying to support kids, a card that basically says, "I'm going to eat out because I can't see any reason to deprive myself,
I want credit for bravely making this sacrifice for your sake, and oh, about your tip - fuck you. It's Obama's fault."
Oh wait. A republicant would do that.

It figures that a struggling waitress might've voted for Obama so the Rethugs get "even" this way.
But look at the bright side - next time the waitress will spit on their food before serving it.

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JessX said...

bull. shit.

i just had my salary cut by 10%, my health insurance is going up, i owe the government money for taxes for the first time ever, and oh yeah my paycheck isn't going to clear until tuesday instead of this friday like it was supposed to, but i manage to tip every time i go out.