Saturday, March 14, 2009

C25K Update

Lori joined me on the C25K schedule this week and we just finished Week 5 Day 3 which was a 20 minute jog without stopping. We actually did 2 miles in 25 minutes without stopping, which is right on my mark of 4.8mph. I honestly can't believe I (we) did it. the longest I'd run before that was 8 minutes. And honestly, i felt great. I could have kept going. The 4 mile run is in about 2 months and we're halfway there stamina wise.

Here's this week's runs:

W5D1 - 5 min jog, 3 min walk, 5 min jog, 3 min walk, 5 min jog
W5D2 - 8 min jog 5 min walk, 8 min jog
W5D3 - 25 min jog (2 miles)

Next week will be the last week with walking breaks in the runs. After that it's all non stop.

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