Saturday, September 27, 2008

Master Debaters

I watched the debates. I wasn't blown away by either. I actually expected McCain to do worse than he did. You can definitely see the anger and temper in him rising up at times. I don't find that admirable trait at all. I wish Obama had more specifics. I did notice Obama wearing a flag pin and McCain wasn't, which is funny because McCain gave Obama all that guff about not wearing one that one time. I honestly fell asleep the last 10 minutes. I'm more excited about Biden vs. Palin. It will be a treat. I just hope he doesn't get all cocky.

What CNN's Jack Cafferty about Sarah Palin
Actually here's a better version on CNNs website

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Lunchbox said...

I was completely underwhelmed by that showing. Obama did have good body language and made eye contact with both his opponent and Lehrer. But I think Lehrer could have done a better job of moderating (considering that's his job) and kept them from so many shouting matches. McCain did look like a spin machine and very angry at times. Honestly, his running partner is my real fear. Cafferty was hilarious and right on.