Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Abyss of DOOM

I was checking my valve clearances on my KLR650 a little over a week ago, and a 10mm socket slipped out of my hands onto a rag I had stuffed over the infamous cam chain abyss of doom. The abyss basically a tunnel on the left side of the bike for the cam chain to run, and it goes directly down to the bottom end of the bike. The socket managed to wiggle it's way into a pocket of the rag, and when I tried to pull it out, the whole rag pulled out and the socket went "klink, pink, poink" down down down the abyss. I spent 4 hours with a magnet stick trying to fish it out. I even had the bike upside down (by myself) hoping it would come out. It did not. All I did was more damage.I was very concerned I'd have to split the cases and do an engine rebuild.

I ordered the appropriate tools, popped the left cover off and pulled the rotor off. And almost broke my hand 5 times doing so.

And tucked away...

Safe and sound...

My 10mm socket!

I'm really glad it was that easy. I did learn another lesson: Never use a breaker bar when wearing slippers. I have a giant bruise in my arch now.

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