Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Horrow Show

After being thoroughly frightened by Fred Thompson at the RNC last night, I have compiled a list of celebrities I was surprised to see are Republicans.

Sammy Hagar
Gary Sinise
Adam Sandler
Alex Trebek
Sam Raimi
Drew Carey
Dennis Hopper
Chuck Norris
Tom Selleck
Yakov Smirnoff
Vince Vaughn
Leslie Nielson
David Lynch
Zachary Ty Bryan
Stephen Baldwin
Nacy Cartwright (And a Scientologist)
Dick Clark
The Rock
John Hughes
Freddie Prinze, Jr
Kevin Sorbo
Walt Disney (he's an old school Republican, so he gets a bi)

There are many more that I am NOT surprised they are Republicans


Lunchbox said...

I think when you have money, like most celebrities, it's easier to be R. But it's "hipper" to be a D. I think you'd be surprised just how many of your celebrities swing one way in public and vote the other behind a curtain.
Democrats aren't that great (see Ted Kennedy) and Repubs aren't that bad (Abe Lincoln comes to mind). It's about the person running. The person, not the party. That's why I support no party, but I do support those that earn it.

Vorhese said...

JP, I fully agree. I consider myself a moderate independent. It's only every 4 years that I get that nasty taste of extreme right Republicans in my mouth and want to vomit. I voted Libertarian in 2000.

Nads said...

Fuck Yakov Smirnoff and I seriously doubt Dick Clark has any idea what, or where, he is.

Lunchbox said...

I feel ya, sir.
I was just sayin'...