Monday, September 15, 2008

The Foxtail & The Hound

Leave it to Luka to pull me off my bike this morning on his walk, go to a patch of weeds, and inhale a foxtail in his nose.

What is a foxtail? I've never heard of them until I moved to California, and I certainly wouldn't have heard of them if my neighbor a few years back didn't have to go through the same thing. Here's a page all about them for the dog owners out there. They are nasty little boogers. A dog snorts them up his nose and they get lodged there. They can migrate into their lungs and kill them. At best they are extremely uncomfortable for a dog.

Luka yanked me off my bike this morning to go sniff a spot. Moments later he was curling the right side of his mouth up, contorting his head, and sneezing violently. I instantly knew what happened. I looked in his nose and couldn't see anything. He was blowing blood and mucous all over. I sat him down and tried to calm him, and we walked home. I got him in the kitchen and Lori helped me calm him down some more and wipe the blood up.

And I just picked him up at the vet. He is coming off his anesthetic from surgery to remove it, and it was a big one. Way up there, too. And I now know how Luka would act drunk. He was wobbling all over the place; he still is! Just watching the poor pooch take a pee was like watching a drunken yard worker with a hose!

Well Luka, you scared your mom and dad, but all is well. We're going to have to keep you in a bubble with a helmet for now on.

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