Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm a whale watcher

Lori's surprise trip last weekend was going to Monterey, CA and whale watching! Holy cow, how cool can she get? We stayed in the old Monterey Hotel. And, coincidentally, the Cherries Jubilee car show and Italian Festival were going on the same weekend. It was weekend of loud cars and impromptu italian marching bands directly outside our window. The hotel was gracious enough to give us ear plugs. It was a great weekend of nice dinners, whale watching, the aquarium, and missing our poochies.

If you're brave, here's a photo gallery of the trip.

Some highlights...

Lori looking cute, which is all the time

Old tug boats

Sea lions doing what sea lions do

Our whale watching boat


There they blow, 3 humpback whales

Here's a red crab in the water

Here's a black crab not in the water

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I love Monterey

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