Monday, September 22, 2008

London Dungen

I cooked dungeness crab for the first time in my life tonight. I love crab. Lori loves crab. We don't love spending $25-$35 at a restaurant to eat them. So, in trying to take advantage of the asian market near us, I got 2 live ones for dinner tonight and boiled them up. Couldn't be easier. And buying them at the market they are only about $8 each. I also made some garlic noodles to go along with them.

I was a bit nervous about this as I've never killed a live animal by boiling before. They definitely resisted going in. Lori was more squeamish than me and she didn't even have to clean the bastards. I decided to go the boil first, clean second route. I couldn't bring myself to tear apart a live crab with my bare hands. But next time for sure. I was concentrating too much during the cleaning to really think about being squeamish. It wasn't bad at all!

Yum, ocean bugs.


Rob Timko said...


Lunchbox said...

I watched an Alton Brown Good Eats on this last week.
The gutting thing was pretty gross. But I love me some crab meat.
Makes me wish I had cash to get some. As it stands, I'll keep eating on tuna from the can.

kel and kev said...

not to sound like a wuss or anything, the most humane way of killing a lobster or crab is to put them in the pot full of room temp/lukewarm water, then place the pot on the burner to bring to a boil. the gradual increase of water temperature puts it's nervous system into a state of anesthesia, so it will barely feel pain. placing it in a pot which is already boiling is actually quite painful. just in case you wanted to know. :)

Vorhese said...

Well now I feel guilty.