Thursday, August 26, 2010


I got lucky and picked up a few old books on Craigslist. The lady had worked in a BMW motorcycle shop and had bought one of the books and displayed it in the case at the shop. Apparently an old timer saw it and brought her 3 more. But she didn't need them anymore and I was lucky enough to get them. These are the first items for the new house and I'll be displaying them on the mantle. And reading them too! They're all first printings.

Bert Wilson's Twin Cylinder Racer by J. W. Duffield - 1924
Motorcycle Chums In New England by Andrew Carey Lincoln - 1912
Tom Swift And His Motorcycle by Victor Appleton - 1910
The Speedwell Boys On Motorcycles by Roy Rockwood - 1913


The Doug Taylor said...

I wanna check out your motorcycle chums book. I used to live right by mt. holyoke, mass. Did a LOT of riding around there. Curious to see what landmarks it mentions.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I've only got one of those, and I love it. I should start looking for the others.