Monday, August 2, 2010

Frame Color Study

I made a little color study video. Main frame options are purple to match the tank (similar to what it was) and blue to match the blue on the tank. I also went through the color spectrum. Leave a comment to tell me what you think.
Click the link for a bigger version.


Anonymous said...

i like the blue more than the purple.
what about that fine line on the tank? is that silver?
what'd that look like, eh??

BitMonkey said...

My preference is the blue as well. They both look pretty darn good though.

lucas said...

i thought the og purple was cool. i vote you go with that or nickleplate/chrome. bluish, greenish, gold stuff didn't do it for me.

Vorhese said...

Thanks for the comments. The more I see the blue, the more I like the purple. It was just meant to be purple! Purple Preunit!