Sunday, June 2, 2013

State of the Triumph

And it's a pretty sad state. Things started great Saturday morning. She started right up. I had Lori and Max watch me take off for the first time. Everything was perfect. She runs like a raped ape. I've ridden a few other pre-units, and you can see the difference a thorough rebuild makes. 100% hot rod. I had a timing cover leak, a sump plate leak, and a front fork leak... all superficial and easy.

I was 10 blocks away and turning around and she just died. No spark. I contacted the rebuilder and we went through a few tests. Looks like I have to send the mag back. He thinks the armature failed. Out of 500 mags, only 2 have ever failed. Guess I'm #3. It is not easy to remove a mag with the motor and gearbox in.

Whataya gonna do? I have plenty of things to work on in the meantime. I need to retorque the head, readjust valves and chains, mount the exhaust. The rotor isn't sitting centered due to the previous owner's helicoil stator mounts. But still a bummer.

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