Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fiddly Stuff

I'm sort of in limbo again on the Triumph, one thing waiting on the next. Here's what's been done recently and what needs done.

I had to replace the rotor as mine was obviously bad. I got a cheap good one on ebay and put it on only to discover my stator wasn't centered. This might explain why the last stator was totally fried. The previous owner had helicoiled everything in inner primary, and he must have been slightly off on the stator bracket. After a surprisingly long amount of dremel and drill use, I managed to ovalize the holes in the bracket enough to shift it over the 1/16" I needed. I then used cut up pop can pieces as shims to center everything.

Leaking Gearbox:
I had a good drip coming out of my gearbox, and luckily only the outer cover. I discovered some of the threaded holes had some lips to them, so I took a larger drill bit and did a few turns on each to get them flat. So far so good.

Leaking Sump Plate:
This was a bad leak. Basically I think it all came down to a non-flat sump plate. I bit the bullet and ordered a nice billet one with a drain plug from SRM Engineering. That's still coming from the UK. I specifically chose this one because the 4 stud holes have a flat surface so I can use nuts. Most of these billet sump plates have counterbored holes for allen head bolts, which wouldn't allow you to use nuts.

After not getting any spark, I contacted Greg Poirier who rebuilt it for me. I ran a few tests, got nothing, so sent it back to look at. He got it and instantly saw that the cam ring that opens and closes the points had moved. There is a locating notch at the bottom of the ring that engages with a pin. He says that the cap must not have been tight enough. I don't know how that happened, as I always had it tight. That's on it's way back, and then I'll have to time the bike again.

I managed to find some 1-3/4" I.D. Superior trumpet tips, so I won't have to use the 1-7/8" ones I got with shims (I'll sell them). Those are coming, and once they are here I can mount the exhaust. Finally.

Rear Brake:
And finally after all that is done I can finally remount the rear brake.

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