Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sold The KLR650

My 2nd trusty KLR650 is now out of my life. One less bike, one less registration, one less insurance payment. And best of all, now I can use a little of the money and finish my bikes. This will pay for all the '62 Triumph work I have left. I also want to get a functioning front end for the '55 so it can be a roller.

I need someone out there in Triumph land to tell me if what I have currently looks correct for a '55 Thunderbird.

This is the correct wheel for the Tbird. I just can't get the brake plate off. It will need new bearings and an axle at the minimum.

These are the yokes I have, no numbers, but it uses the u-bolts, so they might be right.

The damper assembly, I think I have most of the pieces, the knob is some crappy aftermarket p.o.s., but those are easy to find for $15.

These are the fork lowers I have. I'm pretty sure these may be for a factory rigid, but I'm not sure, again no numbers. I'd of course needs the fork tubes and all the internals. It may be easier to wait for an entire front end to show up on ebay, but if anyone has a lead, contact me!


BitMonkey said...

The front end that just came off my friend's 1956 Speed Twin is identical to what you have. I think you have the right bits there.

Vorhese said...

Did these basically use the rigid front end? At some point the fork lowers had removeable caps for the axle.

BitMonkey said...

As far as I know they used basically the same fork almost the entire Pre-Unit era. I know they changed the triple trees with the Duplex frames. It looks to me like the "capped" forks started in'59 with the Duplex frame as well.

The 1955 parts book shows a fork very similar if not identical to the bits you have. The U bolt top clamp looks right too.

Vorhese said...

crap, paul from show n go says I have 1960 and later trees, non raked. I might as well try to find a complete front end.