Saturday, August 18, 2012


Made my yearly trek down to San Jose today to go to Rabers. I go in feeling like a dummy, and usually leave the same way.

For the '62:
Tap & die set, 2 clutch plates, front motor mount bolts, rear loop motor mount bolt, the correct spacers for the clutch, replacement clutch operating arm housing, and a new high gear bush pressed in. The only thing we couldn't find was another bottom engine mount bolt. I'll just substitute something.

My crank's journals are borderline being in standard shell bearing spec. Which makes me nervous to use those, maybe I should just get it ground down and balanced for the next size up. Also, something I had no idea about, the timing side needs more than just a brass bushing in the timing cover, they actually press in a seal to use unit cranks on pre-units. That's another $70 in labor and parts which I'll have to do at some point. But otherwise, I think I'm ready to rock.

For the '55:
Front axle and spacers, top yoke handlebar clamps

I knew it wasn't going to be easy to find parts for the '55 front end. And I got some bad news. The top yoke is correct, a little bent, but salvageable. But the bottom yoke is definitely incorrect, and pretty bent up. Live and learn when buying basket cases. The lowers are pretty good, but also will require some work. They have a storage locker full of parts they need to empty out so they are going to look for a damper, bottom yoke, and internals.

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