Thursday, August 23, 2012

Old pre-unit

Guy posted this online, dug him for a little more info...

"The picture was taken by one of his neighbors in his neighborhood in Iowa Park, Texas which is a little west of Wichita Falls. He said he tried his best tough guy pose haha. My dad must have been 18 when he found the bike leaned up against the outside of the garage of a full service gas station where his friend worked as a mechanic at. He says it was the summer of 1966. He asked the owner of the gas station if it was for sale. Apparently the guy bought it from an ex navy pilot. The bike was definitely not stock, with long handlebars, and megaphone style pipes which were really loud. I think he said he bought it for 400 bucks, not sure on that. Like a lot of Triumphs of that time it leaked oil like no body's business. Dad said he'd have to fill it up with oil every weekend. Since his friend worked at that gas station he'd just come by and fill up on the left over oil. Old oil cans were metal and you'd shove a metal spout in the lid, then after the oil change the mechanics would leave those cans upside down over a jug and catch all the leftovers. One time he forgot to fill up and actually threw a rod. He needed a ride to work the next day so fixed it that night. He took a date for a ride once and got the back of her dress drenched with motor oil that slung off the back tire hahaha! He says by the end of the summer he sold it for exactly what he paid for it. I think he bought a BSA after that."

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