Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Operation Backyard: Phase 6


Wow, a month and a half on the backyard now. Each weekend has brought it one step closer to being done. Once again Kevin came over and helped. I learned about fishing the wire through the grey pvc, all the correct code-happy connections and heights.

This is just a temporary mount until I can make the nice little wooden control box. I need to hardwire the drip irrigation control module first.

After 6 weeks I finally got to fill in the trench of doom and get rid of all the dirt piles. This weekend we will finally get the weedbarrier and stone on.

As soon as we finished this, I walked into the basement and noticed a major water leak pouring all over my motorcycle parts. Apparently the dishwasher had sprung a leak. They only way we could get the dishwasher to fit into the old cabinetry was to actually tile around it. It's in there, for good, unless we rip the tile up again. I freaked out a little and started drill holes with a hole saw into the sides of the cabinets to get a peak. I couldn't see anything. I eventually discovered the leak was happening behind the inlet, so I assume a faulty inlet valve. Now we have no dishwasher and Maytag's help line has a loooooong hold time. Welcome to home ownership.

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