Monday, May 9, 2011

Booze Nighters

Cruise Night Friday was Tits McGee. We got there at 7:30 and it was already packed and we were banished to the dark back lot by the dumpster and pissing corner. I've never seen it so packed so early, and there were tons of new cars to look at. Of course by the time I got around to looking, it was already dark and just not good lighting for photos. Francisco (+ friends) and his '51 Plymouth, Terry (+ son) and his '50 Dodge, and Lori and my '53 Desoto were representing the early 50's MOPAR as we convoyed to Giant Burger. I pulled the chain and "woo woooo'd" into my spot. Lori didn't even mind that I used it so often. DJ Miss Cherrybomb Maya brought out her '64 Fairlane for the first time. I got krunkerd on Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and Vodka that tasted like cough syrup, had my double bacon cheese burger, and had a merry ol time.

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