Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Lori, her mom, our 2 dogs, and I decided to take a day trip up to Eureka, CA Saturday and stay the night. We took the (1) all the way up, which is great in the beginning. But after 5 hours of twisting roads it got a little tiring (and car sick). We finally hit the (101), flew up to Eureka, and crashed for the night. The way home was quicker but still a lot of good sights. I'd like to go up the 1 again sometime solo on the KLR and just find some woods to ride into and camp, meditate, escape.

All of the trip pictures

One of the many vista point stops on the 1

Bones BBQ

Driving through the redwood

Master Blaster run Barter Town

The big surprise in Eureka was the annual Kinetic Sculpture race they were having at the beach right behind our hotel. Some of the vehicles were just awesome. Of course it was freezing cold and windy on launch day, and the 2 girls from Arizona were being as tough about it as they could.

We headed home and ran into the maniac Great Dane chained down like a vicious monster. Which it was. Trucks with dogs in the back would drive by and it would try lunging at them. It would jump on top of the cab and just chill in the breeze at 70mph.

We stopped at the Legend of Bigfoot to check out some chainsaw sculptures

Then hit the Indian Casino in Willits where I won $140 on nickel slots

We finally made it back to Oakland around 7 PM to be greated by the lovely sounds of bass, tires squealing, and crackheads. Home sweet home.

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