Sunday, April 17, 2011

Operation Backyard: Phase 3

The big day had arrived. Saturday morning we had 3 ton of Salmon Bay pebbles and 1/2 ton of Red Luster delivered from American Rock & Soil. It was not cheap. Lori's mom is visiting from Arizona so we had her snap some pics for us. We spent Saturday morning putting the rest of the weed barrier on. Then around 11AM Lucas, Francisco, and even Doug came on his Triumph chopper to give some muscle. After a couple hours, it was done.

All the pics

We finished planting the trees on Friday evening.

Sarurday morning the weed barrier went in.

The troops arrived

Adding the Red Luster

Big thanks to EVERYONE that came by and helped!!

What's left? I meed to finish digging the trench for the water and electrical lines. And of course add the new water line. I need to build a control box for the spigot, drip irrigation control, and electrical outlet. We need to then lay the stone in that area. We also need to finish the tree borders. And finally we will be staining the concrete patio and get some patio furniture. We now feel we are at a point where we can kind of do a little at a time. 3 solid weekends of work, a few thousand dollars, and we have a good start.

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