Monday, April 11, 2011

Operation Backyard: Phase 2

Yet another exciting landscaping blog entry. Truly the most exciting topic for most people. But like I said, this has become an all-encompassing project. Every ache in my body, every empty pocket, and all of my free time is devoted to getting our backyard in order. We had a long list to get done this weekend. We got MOST of it done. There simply is not enough daylight and energy in one weekend. We're having to upgrade our Federal Pacific electrical box, which is going to cost $1500. We're running out of money, so the deck and hot tub may have to wait until next year.

Here's a gallery of all Phase 2 pictures

Where we left off from last week. I spent the work week finishing staining the vegetable garden.

Saturday I spent my morning traveling around looking at stone suppliers, and then the afternoon digging an 18" trench on the side of the yard where we will be routing the new water and electrical. I pretty much destroyed my back on this, especially where there was a high mixture of rock in the soil. I also managed to stand up underneath one of our barred windows and gouge my lower back. I have been in pretty intense pain ever since.

Sunday we spent the morning getting more supplies, ordering our stone for next weekend, and picking out our trees. We (especially Lori) spent a lot of time researching what trees would be best, and what we just liked. In the end we got:

A green and a purple Japanese Maple
1 Ceanothus Ray Hartman
1 California Privet
2 Pineapple Guavas
2 Red Tip Photinias
1 Dwarf Flowering Purple Plum

Assembling the garden boxes, Lori was my screw partner. That's what she said.

Gosh, wonder why my back hurts

After we laid out the weed blocker for the gardens

Filling with mulch, concrete pieces, and then the soil

Planting our first tree, the Purple Plum

Until next weekend...


Christie said...

You guys are amazing- it's looking really good!

rosemary said...

Oh the memories! EY and I used to do these project every weekend- Adam & Claire played outside them we had tacos and then a bubblebath! Have Fun! Aunt Rosie

scrapmetalart said...

I would like to share a beer w you guys out there some day. looks great!