Monday, April 25, 2011

Only took 4 years

Had this '72 XS tank kickin around (yes, the lizard tank). It was side side project to put it on my '80 XS. Thanks to buddy Ted, he got me 2 petcocks, a right (ended up being a left one with right side parts) one which went on here. After buying a left one and rebuilding both, it became apparent my petcocks are sort of a hodge-podge of parts. I think they are actually both left petcocks, with the right one having a right-hand lever. So the left one reads correctly, and the right one reads opposite, on is actually reserve. Anyway, I ended up having to run them backwards to fit right.

To get the tank to fit on the rear mounting post, I drilled a hole in the rear mounting bracket of the tank about 1" forward from stock. A few "unnecessary" brackets needed to be ground off the frame. I also had to notch the seam on the bottom of the tank to clear 2 engine bolts. This bit me in the ass when I had everything connected and discovered I had a pin hole leak. Some gas tank repair fixed that.

The tank was missing the gas cap lever, so I made one out of aluminum. And finally the seat had to be positioned back another inch as the tank is longer than the '80 stock tank.




Next I'm working on a front drum brake front end, different front tire, smaller headlight, and a replacement tail light.

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