Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pre-Unit Tear Down

Oh shi..!

So I started tear down, a little sooner than I wanted, as I'm taking the head a carbs to a buddy and his dad this weekend to work on. There's something sexy about a stripped down bike. This is as far as I got, I need a clutch hub puller to get the primary inner cover off to remove the gear box. I had got a pre-unit puller, but upon opening the primary, I have a UNIT clutch and stator.

I encountered some interesting issues, mix of unit and preunit parts, missing bolts and nuts, mix of SAE and Whitworth, some bolts tapped for 1/4-20, a slightly rusted cylinder.

And this is the order I pulled the clutch plates out... wonder if it actually worked!?

The entire head is a UNIT Bonneville as well, with Pre-unit head bolts.

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