Thursday, July 22, 2010

CB750 Style Points

My CB750 has taken a back seat again for a few months as I've been trying to wrap up my Triumph. It's pretty damn hard to work on 2 bikes and an old car on a shoe string budget. But I do what I can when I can. At first I was going to do a mild restore, then a mild-mild custom. Now I think I'm going to push it just a little further.

I did a little quicky sketch of my idea:
2" lowered with shorty shocks
18" wheel in rear with vintage street tread
19" wheel in front with knobby tread and drum brake
Stock front fender, some sort of custom fender in the rear
Stock gas tank
4" head light with custom nacelle
CB160 tail light
Flat track style handlebars
4 in to 1 exhaust
Pod filters on the carbs
Custome formed left side cover, no cover on oil tank side
Recovered seat with lower profile (similar to my XS's seat)
And no gauges unless I can find a neat little air speed indicator
And I think it will rock that old oil filter/cooler I found

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