Monday, July 19, 2010

The Grass Valley Roll In Report

Wow, I'm back a little sun burnt and road weary, but had yet ANOTHER good time up in Grass Valley hanging with the Throwback crew and Death Traps. Me and Pacifica Jared met up with the Ace Skateboard Truck caravan in San Francisco and then took off to Contra Costa to pick up Doug, and up 160 to Sacramento, and onward to Grass Valley. A really chill day, except the weather. Even at 100 mph the hot air was just blasting and baking our faces. There were a few breakdowns, but luckily everything went smooth for me. A completely great weekend.

I'll be adding other trip reports as I find them.
Chop Cult pictures
Blue Collar Moto

Meetup in SF. Shrewgy, the trip organizer, was just a bit surprised to see the turn out. He was expecting maybe 4 bikes, it was somewhere around 20.

Somewhere past Isleton on 160.

The Roll In

The afterparty

The gritty piggy

After sleeping on a pile of fox tails all night

SOME of the bikes

Ol trusty

Triumph, Jawa tank, Dream nacelle

Honda 450

Mr Bling

Brice's stupid ridiculous Knuckle

Me drooling over the Knuckle

Chad's XS650

I can't wait to get my Triumph done for the next one.


Chris/Blue Collar Moto said...

Cool pix! I'm stealing the one from the morning of me taking the pic of the bike that crashed on its way out the night b4. I'll be posting it up with your blog link. Just added it to the Jumping off point. Good talking to ya even though my head wasnt awake yet. I think I'm just starting to wake up now.

Chris/Blue Collar Moto said...

Hope ya can make it to Pismo in October! I'll be looking into the camping arrangements and posting it soon.

Vorhese said...

Chris, No problem!
I've been hearing about Pismo from a few people. Sounds good!

Masterlink Lee said...

Damn. Nice bikes. You put this up on any of the boards? This is the type of stuff people need to see. Thought I saw True Blue in the background of some of those pics.

Vorhese said...

Oh for sure, J.C.'s sister was at the show handing out stickers. Go to the Chop Cult link at the beginning of the entry to see a ton of pics.

DougT said...

Thanks for not taking the Zen approach and riding solo. That trip was a blast. I'm sooo looking forward to Pismo!