Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Grass Valley pics

Compliments of One Sick race

I finally have a cool riding picture. At least my wife says I look cool. Click for bigger.

Compliments of Blue Collar Moto

And fuck the Jockey Journal. That place is a joke. Owned by a guy who doesn't even like motorcycles and is an afterthought. Sorry Ryan, love the HAMB, hate the Jockey Journal. The moderators have drove me away for good. I'm officially a Chop Cult convert.


Anonymous said...

looks like a fucking blast man. FINALLY, after 33 years - a "cool" pic. - that's gotta be a great feeling .. ha.

6T Sinner said...

Hey, what about my rolling photo of you on our way to Copperopolis?! Your British "V" F.U. is classic. Maybe I forgot to send it to you...

Vorhese said...

That is true.

Chris/Blue Collar Moto said...

Love the art on your tank! Didnt look like ya had any new dents though since the DTMC party at Assholes Bar.