Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skulls & Turnips

My buddy Goad (In Goad We Trust) contributed to Horrorwood with one of his creations, King Reggie. I, of course, had to make one. The site is full of print-out creations and is way RADICAL.

He's quite a pimp

Yes, I'm easily entertained.

Speaking of friends making cool shit, my bud Josh "Lunchbox" Peters was the illustrator for a new children's book called Matilda Turnip's Endless Bellybutton. You can purchase the book on Lulu. Hopefully none of the kids see the above pictures.

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Lunchbox said...

Thanks for the big ups, my dear friend. Isn't it cool your name has two meanings? Unless someone hates you... Then it makes them sound retarded, "I hate Friend." Say it out loud.
Anyway, thanks for the love.
Also note, folks, that this book wouldn't be available without my dear Friend's help. It just wouldn't. I'd just like to acknowledge that.