Thursday, June 10, 2010


I found some swag for my Desoto. Lots of hunting and asking around and I found a working voltage regulator, working wiper motor, interior hanging hooks, seat back handles, and the elusive dome light lens. I'm not necessarily sure how "rare" this stuff is, but it's been a pain for me to locate. My voltage regulator doesn't work anymore, and a new one, made in China, costs $75. So that alone paid for all this stuff. This is the third wiper motor I have, and finally one that works. I can't wait to actually be able to drive in the rain or morning condensation. The hooks and handles are accessories I've only seen on a few cars. And the dome lens is the white unicorn of the bunch. I can never find one, they've all broken because the bakelite (early plastic) always ages and crumbles. I came close to getting one once, but as the guy took it off, it crumbled in his hands. This one seems to be solid and in good shape. It's little things like this make a car just a little more sexy and enjoyable to drive.

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