Monday, February 1, 2010

Totally Fork Tubular, Brah

I had a pretty good weekend. There was a 2 day lapse between the rain and it just happened to be Saturday and Sunday. Starting today it's raining for 10 days straight. Anyway, Saturday morning I ran to Raber's in San Jose to get all the parts to rebuild my Triumph forks. I love that place. Those guys are just encyclopedia's of knowledge and help. I got new tubes, bronze bushings, seals, gaiters, and a pair of foot peg rubbers. But the best part is they sent me upstairs to find a few pieces and I got to stand in awe at their spares storage. It was like sparkling treasure. You need it, it's up there. They even hooked me up with a few pieces.

So I cleaned up the forks, and painted some pieces. I also cleaned up an old Bultaco 21" Akront wheel that will be going on the front. It just needs a little more clean up and polishing.

So hopefully this weekend I can get the front end together and I'll finally have a roller.

Then Sunday I rode around the east bay on my XS650 and froze my arse off. But it was still fun.

The clouds are getting darker as I type this. Here comes the rain.

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