Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just stick it in the correct end

Today I got the pleasure of having an endoscopy done on my throat and stomach. I've been having some stomach pains, and I've always wanted to check out my throat because I've had swallowing difficulties my whole life. During the initial exam it was proposed I might have a Schatzki ring constricting my throat. They hooked me up, put in my IV, and I was waiting for the procedure to begin. "No, we're already done!" Whhhhhhat!? Wow, modern meds are amazing.

So I have an ulcer and some esophagus abnormalities. No Schatzki ring. They think the ulcer is from Ibuprofen useage. They took some biopsies and gave me some meds to take. I go back again in 2 months for another.

How can this picture gross you out?

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