Monday, February 22, 2010

Breathing in cancer

Last Wednesday I spent my lunch hour rummaging through a beatup 1953 Desoto parts car. I was hoping to find a few nice things, but everything was in pretty poor shape. I took the wiper blades, wiper motor, tube amp, some odds and ends and pieces of metal for brackets, and a cool old glass fuel filter. But the best find was a complete vinyl seat cover / carpet set that hadn't been used. It was easily 20+ years old.

So this weekend I wiped a lot of the dry mold off and installed the covers and carpet in the Desoto. It definitely looks better than it did. This should hold me off until I can afford to get a real interior. I'm hoping over time the sun and heat smooths a lot of the wrinkles out.

I also took the Desoto in for an exhaust quote. $350 for all pipe and labor. Pretty damn good. I just need to supply the mufflers and dump tubes, which I ordered. I got some 22" Smithy's and some stainless steel dump tubes.

To round out the Desoto trifecta, I also took it over to a guy's shop and had him test my charging system. Looks like it was the voltage regulator all along. So once I get a new one of those ($75), I should have a battery that stays charged finally.

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