Thursday, August 7, 2014

Operation Stop The Leaks: Phase 2

The gearbox came apart. It probably is my fault that it is leaking; I sort of skimped on the resurfacing of the covers. I tapped the bushings out, and noticed the cover was chromed with them in. I also noticed that the kicker bushing in the inner cover could be removed using the same tap I used on the sludge trap, just some heat and one smack of the hammer. I re-purposed the garage windows as a flat sanding surface. I did about 20 minutes of figure 8's on the outer cover (to get through the chrome) and it became immediately obvious every hole surface was warped. Same for the matching side on the inner cover. A little JB Weld sanded back down should fix that. The housing side and inner cover mating surfaces were nice and flat. Next up some more sanding, and tap a new over-flow on the inner cover.

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