Thursday, August 14, 2014

Geared up

My stopping point for the day, it's taken me about 14 naps over the last month to get to this point. Disassembly, cleaning (so much cleaning) and lots of sanding flat surfaces to stop the leaks.

All cleaned up and sanded smooth.

No more 1/16" gaps on the sides.

New tapped overflow. Not the correct size bolt, but it should do. I'll probably use sealant to help keep it in place since the JB Weld isn't the greatest to thread into. If i was capable, this should have been welded and retapped but, hell, I can't weld aluminum, and I don't even have an outlet for my welder yet.

I had to remember how to do this crazy jigsaw puzzle. I did remember you start with the "clown face."

After about 20 different combinations and remember which selector fork went where, I got this far for the day. Back to Max!

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