Sunday, August 24, 2014

Alive Again

A final 3 hour push today and she rides again! First kick and she starts, which wasn't unexpected, as I didn't play with the vroom vroom part. No gearbox leaks. No primary leaks until I ran it. I decided to plug up the inner primary chain oiler instead of routing a hose down. And also it looks like it's leaking from the cap (which is BSA). So hopefully no other issues. She runs so good I missed her. I took her on a 60 minute ride around the countryside and halfway through discovered the brake stay cracked. A ziptie got me home with no front brake. I guess that's what happens when you grind too much and thin out the weld. This will motivate me to install 220 in the garage for the welder. Oh to have an amazing shop and the time to devote. Oh and money. 10 years per bike doesn't work for me. I'll just keep dreaming. I do need to get going on a new bike and just ride this for a while. Maybe it's time to wire the CB750 and get Charlie's electronic ignition in!

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