Monday, September 30, 2013

A Wee Bit Loud

I did a marathon 8 hour Triumph session Sunday. Lori watched Max and gave me all day to get some fab work done. 75% of the time was spent on aligning everything so everything jived. I got the rear exhaust mounts welded on, the front header brackets made, and modified the brake pedal perch to sit almost 3" higher to clear the stock exhaust. I also bent the kicker pedal to clear the trumpet tips. I noticed my rocker feed oil lines were completely cracked, so I replaced them with clear tubing so I can make sure the rocker is getting some oil. It took a while to start this time, I blame the 4 month old gas. California corn gas gets old really quick. I'm planning on putting some nice fresh high octane stuff in and see how it runs. But the pre-unit runs and it is LOUD! I rode it up and down the street a few times, a few gremlins to work out, especially brakes. Next up: wiring/charging system/lights. I also am going to put a drain plug back in the primary cover that one of the pprevious owners decided to weld over.

Rear exhaust mounts

header brackets

Brake pedal mount modification

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