Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The last $100

The forgotten $100. The motor oil, gear oil, atf for the primary, fork oil, spark plugs, oil and fuel lines. Everything is acquired and it's all just about buttoned up.

This is what happens when you think you have the rocker boxes on correctly, but don't.

I spent about 3 hours getting the throttle cables on. The one's I got came with not enough slack to let the slide go all the way down, so I had to modify them. If you want to see the hack job, click here.

I'm simply waiting on the spark plugs, gear oil, and replacement rotor to come and it's ready to start up and ride around. I won't have the brake pedal mounted nor the pipes, but it will be ready to do some test runs around the block!

1 comment:

BitMonkey said...

All-in-all many a guy has been seriously thankful for Triumph's "sacrificial" pushrods once the dust clears. They almost always seem to banana without anything else getting damaged.

Your bike is really looking good.